Frequently asked questions

Who can attend the course with me?

Great question!

We always provide a FREE parent or gaurdian to attend the full course, lunch included! Having a parent attend is a very important part of our courses. They will help retain the course content and the support along the modelling journey is imparative. Plus they get to have just as much fun as you if they wish!

What happens after leaving Walk The Talk?

We strive to provide more classes and fun outside of the course once completed. We have formed an incredible community with many professional individuals who provide so much guidance and opportunity for our grads. We also have private one-on-one coaching available to help further your modelling career.

We will always be the students biggest cheerleaders whether they pursue modelling or not, we will be cheering them on from the sidelines!

We provide networking events for our community to connect and collaborate with other creatives in the industry.

We truly are more than just a course.

How can I get paid work as a model? What do I charge for a rate?

These are all great questions! We have an entire course on this and if you want to know more, or how to do it, I highly suggest you taking it!
To become a paid model you have to invest in yourself by taking courses such as this, having experience and really being honest to yourself... Do you deserve to be paid yet? Can you show up professional, do you pose with out direction. All these factors are what helps to determine your price tag when it comes time.

This is a job, however to be paid takes credibility. You will not leave our course and be paid right away. It takes a good year or 2 of development before a model should even inquire about payment full time.

What should my portfolio look like and where should I get my images from?

It is VERY important to have a strong online portfolio and in person portfolio to stand out and be your best professional self. We have an entire course on portfolio organziation (because yes this REALLY matters) and social media organizing.

Under "Shop" we sell the SAME non-branded portfolio the agencies sell. We highly recommend purchasing that for in person castings.

The best place to get your images printed may be directly from the photographer if they offer any packages, or even Costco or London Drugs have decent print quality.

Do I have to be a model to attend your courses?


If you are a model this course obviously will benefit you ALOT, but if you are someone who wants to be high on self-love, this is the place to come! You will get to experience a day in the life of a model, create friendships, have amazing photos taken, boost confidence and self-esteem and most importanly have fun!

Are there any restrictions regarding height, weight and age to become a model or to take this course?

This is a great question! The course is ages 12+ . The oldest we have had attend so far has been 52!

There are no limits when it comes to local modelling. As long as you are confident, have a great personality and shine in your own unique way. You can model here in Alberta! This includes age, height and body shape!

In our courses we discuss which genres of modelling fits you best, should you choose to pursue it!

If not, it is an experience to remember! There are opportunites outside the course for all ages and sizes and it is a wonderful self-discovering weekend.

Is Walk The Talk an Agency?


We are not an agency, however we do offer and help our grads secure outside opportunities through our coaching program. This is something if you are serious about your modelling, you will want to consider!

We have provided almost every grad with some form of opportunity and we are so excited and proud of them! We do NOT take a cut from their payments (like agencies do). We are just simply there with our connections, guiding you towards incredible jobs and supporting you along the way!

Do you provide a roster of your grads?

We do! The models on our roster are the models who are continually a part of our coaching program! They are the most dedicated grads to the industry!

We have many industry professionals wanting our model roster of our grads. There is a small finders fee attached to this roster, but we can assure you the models on there will show up following our guidelines and be the best professionals they can be. Please email us to purchase that roster.
Other professionals who have chosen our models from our roster, have been 100% satisfied with their performance! It is worth it! Give you amazing models, and helps the models gain opportunity and allows the morale of this industry to be more than what it is.

Does Walk the Talk offer ongoing mentorship?


We do. Walk The Talk has added a new coaching program! Just like any sport or profession, you have a coach! It is imperative to have a model coach guiding you and perfecting your skill in this industry! Agencies are supposed to do this for their models, but sadly in Alberta that is hard to come by.

Allow the experts, who have credibilty, experience and real connections in this industry GUIDE you along to meet your goals and expectations. These models that are part of our program, will be the Elite group and be exposed to more opportunities we see fit.

More on this program to come! Stay tuned.

Will Walk the Talk help me with my self confidence?


This is an experience like no other. It will allow you to rediscover who you are. You will truly leave on the best high of self-love you have ever felt. We believe self-esteem boosting is important no matter what age you are, but especially in teens! This is honestly such a hard thing to write in messages. You just have to feel and experience it yourself!

On our Facebook page and Instagram highlights, you will see many testimonials from our past students and parents, raving about how good they felt leaving the course! This is something that is NOT too good to be true, its just really TRUE!

What do I do if I am really nervous to have my photos taken?

This is something that is normal for everyone. EVEN experienced models feel it every time they step on to the set!

This is why we do what we do, we want to help you personally develop and get out of your comfort zones. Because you CAN DO IT! We will be right beside you during the photoshoot and helping you along. You are never judged or alone. Most of the classmates in class too have never had their photo taken or are super nervous too!
The first day of class, you will see and feel your confidence transform and realize you are capable, that when it comes time for the shoot, you will be excited and exuding confidence! TRUST us. We see this all the time! You are probably the person that could benefit the most from this course.

How much does this course cost?

Investing in yourself or your career is the best thing you can do to increase your confidence and reach your goals. Much like any business, it costs money to make money. Here at Walk The Talk our course price is unbeatable. We strive to keep our costs as low as we can, while still providing you with our expertise and QUALITY with up to date material. We have many people ask if our course is free! We would love to be able to make this free, however there are costs to run a large workshop, especially to hire the experts that we have on our team! An average photoshoot for your portfolio costs $400-1000 for one photoshoot and to be with an agency in Edmonton is $1000+ for exactly what we do... Put our costs and that into perspective and what you get from Walk The Talk for the price is amazing!

We understand that it can be a large amount of money at one time, which is why we are excited to tell you we offer a super flexible payment plan! See 2 day course page for more details.

ALL in our course costs $630.00 For the 2 days. Our smaller courses (2 hours) cost between 50-75$.

What agencies did Dara work with?

Dara was a lucky one! She got to work with the top agencies in Canada and Internationally!

Her roster includes, Mode Models, Imodels, Elmer Olsen Model Managment, IMG Worldwide! IMG is who represents many of the iconic supermodels such as Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and many more!

Come hear her story at our next course!